Free Printable Blank Calendars – Monthly Planner Templates

A Guide To Blank Calendars – Overview, Uses, and Personalization

Time makes human life more meaningful and valuable. Time is the most powerful driving force which inspires people to move ahead rather than stick to the same tasks. Since people have always been aware of the value of time, checking up on time is an important practice.

Keeping track of time was quite pervasive even in the bygone era when people used to remind themselves of some specific tasks or major happenings. At that time, being aware of time lets people know when to plant and harvest their crops. And calendars in such scenarios make a lot of sense. Calendars are important to keep an eye on the time and plan things accordingly.

Back then calendars were based on seasons and phases of the universal forces such as the sun and moon. However, today’s calendars are more detail-oriented and specialized. There are different types of calendars as per your preferences and customization is also available when it comes to planning your activities. Free blank calendar templates are gaining huge momentum in the modern era as they help you to plan, schedule, organize your tasks, make notes, and much more. Overall, these calendars can facilitate your journey of having an organized personal and professional life.

Though there is a wide array of calendars available offline or online, the ones which address your personal needs seem to be more relevant today. If you have been wondering how to use the blank calendars or how to customize them then you need to read further to get some details. 

Black and White Monthly Calendar with Grids to fill Data such as Month, Dates, Date, etc.
Blank Monthly Calendar

How Can You Use the Blank Calendars? 

Just imagine a blank calendar in the form of a canvas in which you can paint anything as per your preference and plans. It has nothing imprinted on it. As soon as you pick up the brushes you are free to paint anything on it as your heart desires.

A blank calendar is a calendar that contains only the basic information – such as days, weeks, months, years, etc. However, you are able to customize this calendar to tailor your needs. 

These printable monthly blank calendars can be used in multiple ways. Here are some relevant suggestions for you.

  • Have a quick glance at crucial dates for visual reference
  • A daily checklist for your to-do list 
  • When you want to remind others of business, or personal life-related key dates and events. 
  • Showcasing work or shift schedules
  • Keeping track of holidays, anniversaries, events, meetings, deadlines, etc.
  • Inclusion of daily quotes to motivate yourself and others as well
  • To schedule events, meetings, appointments, and reminders
  • To keep your professional and personal life organized
  • Moreover, if you identify the needs why you need a calendar then you can make more additions as per your goals or preferences. 

Blank Monthly Calendar with Notes section at the bottom and Goals setting area at the right side. Empty Grids to fill the Data and create planner for a month. Add important dates separately to remember events and festivals.

How to Customize Your Blank Calendar? 

If you have made up your mind to make use of a blank monthly calendar template then you must download it right away. However, you might feel that there are too many options to start with. And you might even feel overwhelmed. Fret not, we will let you know how to do it.  

Following are some significant points on how you can customize your calendars and make the best use of them.

Include all Key and Important Information

Well, you may have a lot of information in your mind to fill but be careful as you have to add only the relevant information. This will keep you focused on your priorities and you will not get distracted by unnecessary things. The relevant information can be there in the form of dates, deadlines, meetings, appointments, etc.


Color coding can help you in the process of keeping track of your appointments or any major happenings in your life. Different colors indicate different things. For example, you can use red color for the tasks which are pending and the green color can indicate the completed task. The colors can be as per your preference. It helps you to have a quick glance over the tasks. 

You can categorize different tasks and opt for color-coding so that it’s easy to scan and review different tasks without any confusion.

Choose the Starting of Your Week and Month

If you happen to be on shift work, then the commencement of your week gets changed every week. Therefore, while planning a monthly schedule, your blank monthly calendar editable would reflect this as opposed to the default weekly schedule.

Choose Your Calendar View: 

According to your needs or personal preference, you can set a day, week, month, year, or schedule view.

Use Images 

To add a touch of personalization and a sense of belongingness, you can add a picture of yourself or your loved one.

Different Sizes at Your Disposal

You can choose a calendar of different sizes to put up on your wall or your desk, wherever you like.

Printable monthly calendar and planner template with small boxes. Fill with Month name, Dates, Days. Add Important Notes, Task List with checkbox at the bottom.

The Bottom Lines

By far you must have made up your mind to go for a monthly planner template. These calendars render you with a space that is completely customized and built according to your needs and choices.

If you are thinking of downloading a blank calendar from a reliable source then you must resort to for downloading the best quality blank calendars. These printable calendars are available in JPG and PNG format. You can use these printable calendars as per your interest or need.

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