February and March Calendar 2022 with Notes section at the right side. Add important dates like Birthday, Anniversary, Appointments, Events and Festivals in the Notes area. The two month calendar available in PNG Format.

February and March 2022 Calendar – USA Holidays and Festivals

Two-Month Calendar February and March 2022

As we move towards the year 2022, the months of February and March are getting closer. These two months are filled with a lot of love and enthusiasm as firstly Valentine’s Day comes and secondly, these months take you completely towards the new year. Most people who haven’t completed their resolution list can now get back on track. It is sometimes very difficult to manage all the work activities in a month. But with a perfect calendar planner, you can find the right way to accomplish your goals.

Here in this post, we are sharing information about two months (February and March) and special days or festivals celebrated in these two months.

You can download the calendar for February and March 2022 and use it for various purposes. We have provided the monthly calendars that can be printed online.

Two-month Calendar February March 2022

February and March Calendar 2022 with Notes section at the right side. Add important dates like Birthday, Anniversary, Appointments, Events and Festivals in the Notes area. The two month calendar available in PNG Format.

Simple February and March 2022 calendar with Notes area to write important things about the particular month. Enough space is available in the calendar to fill the data after taking print out.

Make Plan for Two Months February and March 2022. Vertical Calendar with Lines to create a Monthly Planner.

You can use the above calendar to mark important birthdays, lists, appointments, bills, etc.

Apart from that, here is the list of all the upcoming events and festivals for the month of February and March:

February 2022 Holidays and Festivals

  • Chinese New Year: 1st Feb 2022

Chinese New Year marks the primary day of the year on the satellite calendar.

  • Groundhog Day: 2nd Feb 2022

Groundhog Day comes from a belief that claims if a Marmota monax comes out of his burrow on February 2nd and sees his shadow on the ground, it suggests six additional weeks of winter. However, if it’s overcast and there’s no shadow, it means spring can begin soon.

  • World Wetlands Day: 2nd Feb 2022

World Wetlands Day is supposed to push scheme resilience, clean water, water supply, storm protection, carbon storage, health, and well-being.

  • World Cancer Day: 4th Feb 2022

World Cancer Day is curated by International Cancer management (UICC) and is devoted to raising awareness concerning cancer.

  • National Send a Card to a Friend Day: 7th Feb 2022

The day was introduced to mail cards or letters to your friends.

  • National Boy Scouts Day: 8th Feb 2022

The vacation celebrates all the boys that are learning new skills and doing sensible deeds below the helm of Boy Scouts of America.

  • Safer Internet Day: 8th Feb 2022

Safer Internet Day is globally celebrated to push for safer use of the internet and digital technologies.

  • National Pizza Pie Day: 9th Feb 2022

National pizza pie Day celebrates one of the most well-liked meals across the globe.

  • National Inventors Day: 11th Feb 2022

On the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison, the United States celebrates National Inventors Day to honor the contributions of inventors. This day is celebrated every year on 11 February.

  • World Radio Day: 13th Feb 2022

World Radio Day, to celebrate radio as a cogent medium and a platform for democratic discourse.

  • Valentine’s Day: 14th Feb 2022

St. Valentine’s Day originated in ancient Rome and nowadays is widely celebrated to celebrate love and romance.

  • Random Acts of Kindness Day: 17th Feb 2022

Because as the name suggests, the event encourages random acts of kindness throughout the week in February.

  • National Battery Day: 18th Feb 2022

This day was introduced to understand the convenience batteries have introduced to people’s lives.

  • World Day of Social Justice: 20th Feb 2022

Introduced by the UN, the planet Day of Social Justice promotes the requirement for social justice and for fighting problems like poverty, exclusion, unemployment, gender difference, and human rights violations.

  • National Love Your Pet Day: 20th Feb 2022

The day focuses on giving extra attention and pampering your pets.

  • International Mother Language Day: 21st Feb 2022

Celebrated since 2002, International Mother Language Day promotes linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The day is curated by the UN.

March 2022 Holidays and Festivals

  • Mardi Gras: 1st March 2022

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is widely known annually at the top of the Carnival season, forever marked every day before Ash Wednesday, that is forty-seven days before Easter. The competition season varies from country to country and native traditions are in situ across the globe.

  • National Browse Across America Day: 2nd March 2022

This day is celebrated every year on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. He was a famous children’s book author. On this day students, teachers, parents, and community members from across the country come together to read and celebrate the joy of reading books.

  • World Life Day: 3rd March 2022

It’s important to remember our impact on the natural world. World life Day brings awareness to vulnerable species across the globe.

  • National Worker Appreciation Day: 4th March 2022

It is celebrated on the first Friday of March in the United States. This day is celebrated in honor of all the employees.

  • International Women’s Day: 8th March 2022

On 8 March, IWD is celebrated for all the women of the world.

  • World Excretory Organ Day: 10th March 2022

One in all the sole very important organs that individuals will present whereas alive, nowadays each brings attention to all or any the important things kidneys do for us and it’s conjointly an opportunity to celebrate kidney donations.

  • National Worship of Tools Day: 11th March 2022

No matter what trade you’re in, there’s a tool you employ.

  • Daylight Savings Day: 13th March 2022

Celebrated in most places around the world.

  • 𝞹 Pi Day: 13th March 2022

It is even celebrated as Maths Day.

  • World Client Rights Day: 13th March 2022

After you purchase something, you have a right to grasp that it’s safe and to be told about the alternatives you have. Knowing those rights is what this day is about.

  • World Contact Day: 15th March 2022

Started in 1953 by the International unidentified flying object Bureau, this is often seen every day to seem up and check out to create a reference to life on different planets.

  • National Freedom of knowledge Day: 16th March 2022

This is a day for the general public and journalists to debate their rights to public records.

  • World Sleep Day: 18th March 2022

After you sleep better, life is better. World Sleep Day focuses on various issues related to sleep.

  • National Let’s Laugh Day: 19th March 2022

Laughter is sweet, so take an instant on this day.

  • International Day of Happiness: 20th March 2022

The thought behind this day is that human progress ought to embody increasing happiness and wellbeing.

  • World Storytelling Day: 20th March 2022

As long as folks are on Earth, we’ve been telling stories to each other.

  • World Poetry Day: 21st March 2022

A day for poets. It is celebrated all over the world with poetry programs and festivals.

  • World Water Day: 22nd March 2022

World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22 March. Water is very important for life and the day mainly focuses on the importance of freshwater.

  • National Puppy Day: 23rd March 2022

A day for puppies who give us unconditional love.

  • Earth Hour Day: 26th March 2022

On Earth Hour Day, people are urged to turn off all non-essential electronics and lights in their homes from 8:30-9:30 pm to bring attention to the effects of climate change.

  • National Doctors’ Day: 30th March 2022

National Doctor’s Day is observed every year on 30 March to honor professionals for their contribution to the community. On this day, we thank the doctors for their work and everything they do for society.

  • Equal Pay Day: 31st March 2022

Folks of equal ability and equal positions ought to build identical numbers no matter their gender, however infinite studies reveal that men still make quite enough than ladies for the same jobs. Equal Pay Day brings attention to the movements making an attempt to repair that.

More Printable Monthly Calendars

Print the following calendars for the month of February and March. Printable calendars are available in a variety of designs. All these monthly calendars can be easily printed. So download February and March Calendar 2022 to easily organize all your work activities.

Therefore, you can download the February and March 2022 Calendar and customize it accordingly by adding stickers, etc. It is a good way to keep yourself up to date with all the upcoming events and not forget even a single important day.

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