December 2022 Calendar Monday Start Printable and Weekend Highlight. Print December Calendar 2022 Template in PNG Format. PDF File is also available for download.

December 2022 Calendar with Holidays Printable

Printable December 2022 Christmas Calendar, Monday Start and Holidays Template.

December is a month unique in itself. On one hand, it culminates the whole year, one reminisces all the sweet and bitter memories and on the flip side, it’s also a month marking new beginnings that are synonymous with new hopes and adventures. 

The month of December is full of excitement, exuberance, and thrill for most of the U.S people, and they believe in making the most of this month. There are many holidays in December which give a much-needed break from mundane life. 

If you have been planning to make December 2022 a happening month then you must not forget to plan this month with December 2022 Calendar Templates, to make sure you enjoy the holidays without compromising on work. These calendars highlight all the important days so that you can plan accordingly.

December 2022 Calendar Printable

Now you can get a printable calendar for the month of December in PNG format. We have also provided PDF format to get print in high quality.

December 2022 Calendar Monday Start Printable and Weekend Highlight. Print December Calendar 2022 Template in PNG Format. PDF File is also available for download.
December 2022 Calendar Monday Start
December 2022 Calendar with Notes

Let’s have a glance at all the holidays in December 2022.


Hanukkah is the Jewish eight-day festival of lights. This festival is celebrated with nightly menorah lighting. If you consider the meaning of Hanukkah, that means “dedication”, and this name springs up because it celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple. The menorah is seen holding nine flames and one of them is Shamash means attendant, being used to light up the other eight lights. During the very first night of Hanukkah, one flame is lit up, on the second night, an extra flame is lit. And at last, on the eighth day, all the eight lights are kindled. 

On this day, people tend to consume fried foods. Moreover, it’s a popular tradition to eat potato latke (pancake) that is garnished with sour cream and jelly-filled sufganiyot (doughnut).

Note: Make sure you remind yourself of this important day with the Printable December Calendar 2022. Download it right now!


Kwanzaa is a popular cultural holiday that commemorates African heritage and identity. The translation of Kwanzaa is the “first fruit” and this holiday has its roots in the traditional African harvest festival. This festival is celebrated from 26th Dec to Jan 1st. On this day, 7 candles are lit up and 7 symbols are placed by the people around their homes. Following are the seven symbols. 

Umoja (unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Ujamaa (cooperative economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (creativity), and Imani (faith).

Got some plans for Kwanzaa?  Printable December Calendar 2022 can give you much-needed reminders.


Christmas is a world-famous festival and most of the U.S people celebrate this festival with a lot of pomp and show. This day is celebrated in the memory of Jesus Christ’s birth. As the United Nations is a multicultural nation, this day is celebrated with different traditions. A lot of Americans visit the church to celebrate this big day. However, in the Southwest USA, there are some different traditions followed on this day and these special customs have a close resemblance with some parts of Mexico. 

On Christmas eve, people love to decorate their homes with illuminating lights and statues of Santa Claus, snowmen, and reindeer. As per a tradition, some cookies and a glass of milk are left out as a snack for Santa during Christmas eve. 

Need a Christmas Calendar. Get it Now! 

Merry Christmas December 2022 Calendar Printable. Cute December calendar iamage with Christmas gifts, Santa Claus, snowman, decorations.
Christmas December Calendar 2022

The Bottom Line 

Make sure you have the most memorable and wonderful December month with infinite happiness, joviality, and optimism. However, forget not to plan this month too with Printable December Calendar 2022 so that you do not miss anything. These calendars are easy to download and use. They are available in JPG and PDF and are of high quality.

In addition, printable November 2022 calendars are also available on our website for online download. You can print as many calendars as you want. PNG and PNG formats are available to download the calendar online.

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